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Recent Awards

"Patience" won 1st place in the exhibition "Spring Forward" at the ArtsCenter Manatee in Bradenton, FL.  This exhibit will run from March 12-April 5, 2024.

This painting, Sunset in the Bush, won 3rd place in the Glenview's Own Tent at the 2021 Glenview Art Fair.

Sunset in the Bush.jpg

Dragonfly Arabesque, a diptych, won an honorable mention in the Student Show at the Arts Center of Manatee, Bradenton, FL in early 2017.

lily pads.jpg

At the July 2016 Glenview Art League Member's Show at the Bookmarket Stall in Glenview, my painting, "Sky on Fire" won the Peoples' Choice Award.  

Sky on Fire.jpg

My acrylic painting entitled "As the Crows May Fly" won second place at the Glenview's Own Tent at the Glenview Summer Art Fair. 

As the crows may fly.jpg
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